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Cassangano flour - scouting

Cassangano is a flour mixed from cassava and wheat. It is used for baking, for mandazi  and similar (deep-fried fat-cakes) and for chapati. Under normal conditions (eg. no drought) flour from cassava is considerably cheaper than wheat, resulting in a cheaper flour more affordable for low income BOP consumers (Bottom-of-the-Pyramid). It has been proven to be acceptable for taste and consistency.
Bonde Soko is a small start-up company of Moses Gichuru, registered in Kenya and based in Nakuru. Cassangano flour has been pioneered by Bonde Soko, with all certifications for the product obtained from the Kenyan authorities, along with a brand. Bonde Soko has developed the BOP product in a 1kg packet for various mixes:

Bonde Soko want to get into marketing this BOP product by first doing house-to-house sales with 5 itinerant sales persons and then in a second phase develop their own BOP outlets. The innovation here is the introduction of Cassangano to BOP consumers in urban-semiurban areas and evolve that into dedicated BOP outlets. This shall allow to achieve volumes that allow Bonde Soko to break even and grow.

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