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Trees as collateral for stipend?

Oumi is a young woman from a farming family who has finished her secondary school with good marks. She wants to study nursing. But she and her family do not have the money to pay for the tuition and for subsistence during the study time. But she and her mother have planted timber trees and can plant further trees on family land. Can she get a 3—5 year loan that acts like a stipend, with a respective number of her trees provided as collateral? The idea is to take this up as a first pilot demonstration in the framework of the GRACOMA concept.

In March 2017 the situation with Oumi has changed: The nursing school did not accept her application.  She has a baby now and intends to marry soon and live with her future husband in Makambako. What their income streams will be is not yet clear.

However, while Oumi may not be the first person to get a stipend like this, the basic idea remains the same. There are many bright young rural people who fail to access higher education or job trainings simply due to lack of funding. We continue to explore this further.

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